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We are located at 4510 Intelco Loop SE STE A Lacey, Washington 98503. It is near the intersection of College St. and Yelm Highway. 

Phone Number: (360)-209-2195


Come in or give us a call for more information on Driver’s Ed!  Our office hours are Monday through Thursday from 12:00 PM-6:00 PM. Lessons and exams will take place outside of office hours. Drivers Ed




Q: What are Washington State's requirements for getting a license? 

A: The requirements are different for people above the age of 18 than they are for people below the age of 18. For an adult 18 or older to receive a license in the State of Washington, they must pass a written knowledge exam and pass a skills exam that is in a vehicle. For a person under the age of 18 to receive a license, they must pass the above mentioned tests after completing a DOL approved Drivers Education course.

Q: What courses do we offer at South Sound Driving School?

A: Our Basic Drivers Education course includes fifteen (15) class periods of two (2) hours each. This comes to a total of thirty (30) total hours of classroom time. These class periods are instructor lead with the aid of a PowerPoint. We will watch videos, have group discussions, plan road trips, learn to change a tire, and much more. In addition to the thirty (30) hours of class time, the Basic Drivers Education Course includes six (6) hours of behind-the-wheel drives. These drives will include parking, rural driving, city driving, highway driving, and much more. We also offer private lessons for people that want 1-on-1 practice with a professional. 

Q: What if my student needs to miss a class period?

A: The State of Washington requires that a student miss no more than three (3) class periods. If they miss more than three (3) class periods, then they will need to retake the course. All class periods that are missed, must be made up. 

Q: Who can sign up for Driver’s Education at South Sound Driving School?

A: All students must be fifteen (15) years of age before the first day of class. Anyone who wishes to get a Washington Drivers License and is above the age of fifteen (15) is welcome to sign up for our course. It is not only teenagers that can benefit from taking our Basic Driver’s Education course, but adults as well. It is mandatory for people getting a Washington Driver License and under the age of eighteen (18) to take the in-class and behind-the-wheel lessons.  Adults wanting an in-class experience along with behind-the-wheel drives are more than welcome to sign up for our drivers education courses.

Q: What happens if I need to cancel a behind-the-wheel drive?

A: Please give us forty-eight (48) hours of notice before cancelling a drive. If sufficient time is not given before cancellation, a fee of $30 will be incurred. All fees must be paid before course completion will be entered. 

Q: How do I schedule a driving lesson?

A: Once your student has a permit, please give us a call at 360-209-2195 to get the first lesson scheduled. We will schedule drive lessons one at a time. For example, when a student arrives for their first lesson, we will then schedule their second drive lesson. 

Drivers Education

Drivers Ed